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Rasel Rasel
Jul 07, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Ultimate café owners Job Function Email List I have worked with have certain common traits. They: * are willing to listen in the first place, and accept instruction. * possess Job Function Email List an enquiring mind * are always prepared to take on more * work on becoming or being positive * are not aggressive, but solidly confident when going Job Function Email List about their business - unassuming and humble would be another description What's more, despite the overwhelming Job Function Email List numbers of coffee shops and cafés, there are very few of them around - only 1%. This is great news for you, Job Function Email List since it will be rare indeed that you will set up your business next to one. You have a 99% chance of locating yourself Job Function Email List next to the 'average' performers who are no competition at all. Capturing the market from them Job Function Email List is as easy as a turkey shoot. The traditional picture most Job Function Email List people have of an Ultimate businessperson is the Lt. Colonel George Custer model - the type who brandishes his sword and wildly throws himself into the fray! Someone who is Job Function Email List aggressive and loud, who sounds like they know what they are talking about, and who generally likes the Job Function Email List sound of their own voice. This picture could not be further from the truth. Ultimate café owners Job Function Email List always strategise and plan before taking action. And when they do act, it is in an organised and timely manner. They Job Function Email List command respect because they are the business - they know it intrinsically - and this consummate confidence is obvious to staff and customers alike. Of the remaining 99% of business owners - the 'average' business Job Function Email List owners, there are two main types. They are: 1. The business owner who needs to be in their business simply because nothing will happen if they are not.
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Rasel Rasel

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