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1894 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Medal


(Taikon Nijuugo-Nen Shukuten no Shou)

The 1894 25th Wedding Anniversary Medal commemorated the wedding 
anniversary of the Meiji Emperor.
The gold medal was awarded to Imperial princes and the princesses, and the 
silver to people of noble rank who attended the ceremonies.

Here you can also see an extremely rare presentation document awarded to Marquis Tokudaiji, Minister of the Imperial Household and Keeper of the Imperial 
Seals. Notice the low issue number: 34.

Also included here is the 25th Wedding Anniversary Commemorative Bronze Table Medal.Hallmarked by the Japanese Mint on the edge. The diameter is about 5.5 cm. These were probably available for purchase by the general public.

1894 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Medal: Welcome
1894 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Medal: Pro Gallery
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