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Japanese Army Armaments Badges


The inscription on the badge and the box reads 'Technical Skills Badge, Army Armaments Administrative 
Headquarters and the Units under the same Command.'

There were at least two classes, Kou [1st Class] and Otsu [2nd Class], both shown below. You can see differences 
in the design elements.

I'm not really sure about this badge, but this HQ group was formed in October 1942. Before this date, there were 
three groups concerned with weapons development, weapons storage, and technical research. On October 15th, 
1942, these three units were merged into one, and the last phrase on the box and badge appears to refer to that 

The HQ Commander of this group reported directly to the Minister of the Army. There were only three HQ 
Commanders of this group:

Osuda [Katsutsugu?]: From Showa 17 [1942] 10/15

Kimura Heitaro : From Showa 18 [1943] 3/11  

Suga [Naritsugu??]: From Showa 19 [1944] 8/3

This HQ group was disbanded on April 1, 1945.

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